Painting my world

Painting and collage.
Drawing and experimenting.
Creating mixed media.

LILIES-oil painting, 2014

LILIES, oil, gold leaf and collage on canvas, 80x80cm. Available.



This giclee print is now available on my internet shop:


"Woman on square", 2010, giclee print, 16x16in, framed in black  22x22in.
Available also via

My first show in Montenegro

Participated in my first group show in Montenegro! Submitted four figurative works as follows:

Woman on orange,2010,oil on hardboard.

Woman on blue, 2010, oil on canvas.

Woman on square, 2010, giclee print.

Woman, alone, 2013, oil on hardboard.

For the first time in Montenegro, the art exhibition ‘Woman’ brought together eleven painters and photographers from Montenegro, Indonesia, Estonia, UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Slovenia. We hope that this collection of over 50 artworks inspired the audience of 250 people! 

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." Salvador Dali

My photo-Dubrovnik

Been to sunny Dubrovnik,Croatia -

-and did one sketch!

My camera is Panasonic`s LUMIX DMC LZ20 with 21x optical zoom.

'Dream landscapes'-sketches

'Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out' Criss Jami 

This quote illustrates what happened in my studio while looking at old and failed paintings. I cut them into smaller pieces and started to work on them using dry media such as oil pastels.Landscapes emerged. Intuition intervened. And I  created five small ‘Dream ladscapes’:

'Everything starts as somebody`s dream'. Larry Niven

First painting in 2014

My very first painting this year:

WHITE FLOWER, oil with gold/silver/copper leaf on canvas,79x59 cm, framed in silver

Last big painting in 2013

My Last big painting in 2013:

BLUE TREE, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 102x81 cm.

Availablle. Contact:


Glitter art

I love to make small ,experimental pieces. I often highlight them by adding some glitter glue, metallic paint and most recently  iridiscent colors.My newest discovery are DYNA paints made by Pebeo, a French manufacturer of oil and acrylic paints. This ‘glitters’ are available:








Painting NAR3 (Pomegranate) in oil/collage

This was a difficult piece that went through many transformations: from realistic oil of three roses, to geometric abstraction and to this final NAR3 or Pomegranate3.Pure oil technique was enhanced with crayon resist papers that provided a collaged texture.Here is a visual history of this painting,started in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan and recently completed in Podgorica,Montenegro:

I like drawing directly with permanent marker on canvas.

Beware of white! The white almost killed the painting.I always lighten colors with other transparent colors.However, here I thought that white could unify the compositional elements…

And final stage:

NAR3 (Pomegranate3) oil collage on canvas,102x81 cm, 2013

'The three mirrors' or the story of painting

I started working on this small painting in 2009 while living in Japan. The starting point was an autumn scene of deep red-orange-brown leaves that I noticed somewhere in the park. I never quite like the composition nor the realistic rendering of nature parts. I put the painting aside and repainted it many times. Later, I added three mirror pieces, simplified the composition and removed all realistic shapes.

          Recently, I rediscovered the painting again and this time I knew how to finish it: deep ultramarine tissue papers as well as cool metallic sheets were added to enhance the color scheme and overall composition.

          ‘The three mirrors’, completed in November 2013 was inspired by nature far away and long time ago. Although abstract in style, it is in fact a painting about my family. We are the three mirrors.


'The painter who draws merely by practice and by eye, without any reason, is like a mirror which copies every thing placed in front of it without being conscious of their existence.’

Leonardo da Vinci

'Poetry looking in the mirror sees art, and art looking in a mirror sings poetry.

Aberjhani, Illuminated corners;collected essays and articles,Vol.I.