Painting my world

Painting and collage.
Drawing and experimenting.
Creating mixed media.



LEAVES,oil pastel and collage on paper, 2011.Framed 



ORCHID ,Oil collage on wood, 15x11in,2012. Framed 


LEAVES, oil pastel and collage on paper, 9x9in, 2011. Framed 

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

Emily Bronte


MONA-my interpretation and my painting

How I made my interpretation of a famous painting:

I started this small mixed media painting with re-doing a famous drawing of Leonardo on a newspaper.I continued with coloring with pastel and soft pencil to bring out the feature of the face.More stamping and collaging techniques were applied on this Japanese rice paper board to make this famous portrait more personal.This original was then varnished and framed in antique gold frame to imitate the Renaissance master.



Katherine Watson.


MONA, mixed media collage, 2012,10x9in,framed. Available on 

Inspiration-sketch-painting “DRY BLUE”

Inspiration station:

Paper palettes:

Sketch station:

Almost done:

Finally, a painting:

DRY BLUE,acrylic collage,2014, 32x24 cm., 

"Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones…" Raoul Dufy, French painter


I am still in ‘blue period’:here is my latest

LEAVES ON BLUE, 2014, mixed media collage,12x10 in, framed.

Available on 

Torri del Benaco,Italy

Torri del Benaco is a small tourist resort 38 km NW of  Verona,Italy.

Verona is the place of Romeo and Juliet.

The historical centre is surrounded by medieval walls and towers. In proximity to the small harbour there are the “Palazzo” built in the 14th century as well as a castle  or  ”Castello Scaligero“, residence of the ethnographical museum showing the first exhibition of freshwater fishing and a lemon garden which dates back to the year 1760. 

I found a lemon on the ground, pick it up and took it home.

I did some sketching here which may lead to future paintings.

There are open space galleries…

…and nicely decorated old houses…

…ah,and shopping…

…and a hairdresser- a place for me and my niece Andreja!!

Agapanthus, my flower

I always felt this flower would be really difficult to paint…However, seeing it grow here in Podgorica (Montenegro),close to my home, inspired me to paint it.

I love the roundness of its form and small flowers of blue-purple hue.

After painting the background with oils and metallic leafs, I started drawing directly with permanent marker:

and continue blocking in different blues and purples:

I wanted intense blues and pale violets, so I kept adjusting the color scheme:

I had to go back and reworked the background and, finally,here is my latest oil/metallic leaf painting on canvas:

AGAPANTHUS IN THE WIND, oil/metallic leaf on canvas, 2014,

101x75 cm.

"I can explain the picture to you, and you will understand my explanation, but you will not understand the picture." Picasso

This time the flower and the painting talked to me.

My blog is listed on ART BLOG DIRECTORY

My blog

is listed on 500+ ART BLOG DIRECTORY set up by Seth Apter, Mixed media artist, Author and Designer:

Artists` blogs have  so many fascinating ideas,creative thoughts and technical informations worth learning and be inspired from.

Thank you Seth,

Old town of Kotor-an inspiration to paint

Today, the Old Town of Kotor in Montenegro is on UNESCO`s list of world heritage sights.


This is the main entrance to the city called ‘Sea Gate’ built in 1555.The old walls of this city,believed to exist even before Homer (10-12 BCE), inspired me to paint an oil painting below:

OLD WALL OF KOTOR, 2014, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 75x60 cm. Available framed. Contact:

detail of step 2.

'Two tulips, 2013, sold. Cushions and mugs available.

TWO TULIPS, oil and silver leaf collage on canvas,62x21 cm, 2013.SOLD.

Cushions with part of this painting printed on cloth are still available.White cloth (washable to 40d.), size 40x40 cm.

MUG with both tulips reproduced still available.


My internet shop is one year old. About 1.300 views.

Most popular paintings are:

There are currently about 30 paintings available, mostly framed and small in size.

New home decor items, such as mugs and cushions were added recently.

Thank you for visiting my shop and showing interest in my art.