Painting my world

Painting and collage.
Drawing and experimenting.
Creating mixed media.

Agapanthus, my flower

I always felt this flower would be really difficult to paint…However, seeing it grow here in Podgorica (Montenegro),close to my home, inspired me to paint it.

I love the roundness of its form and small flowers of blue-purple hue.

After painting the background with oils and metallic leafs, I started drawing directly with permanent marker:

and continue blocking in different blues and purples:

I wanted intense blues and pale violets, so I kept adjusting the color scheme:

I had to go back and reworked the background and, finally,here is my latest oil/metallic leaf painting on canvas:

AGAPANTHUS IN THE WIND, oil/metallic leaf on canvas, 2014,

101x75 cm.

"I can explain the picture to you, and you will understand my explanation, but you will not understand the picture." Picasso

This time the flower and the painting talked to me.

My blog is listed on ART BLOG DIRECTORY

My blog

is listed on 500+ ART BLOG DIRECTORY set up by Seth Apter, Mixed media artist, Author and Designer:

Artists` blogs have  so many fascinating ideas,creative thoughts and technical informations worth learning and be inspired from.

Thank you Seth,

Old town of Kotor-an inspiration to paint

Today, the Old Town of Kotor in Montenegro is on UNESCO`s list of world heritage sights.


This is the main entrance to the city called ‘Sea Gate’ built in 1555.The old walls of this city,believed to exist even before Homer (10-12 BCE), inspired me to paint an oil painting below:

OLD WALL OF KOTOR, 2014, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 75x60 cm. Available framed. Contact:

detail of step 2.

'Two tulips, 2013, sold. Cushions and mugs available.

TWO TULIPS, oil and silver leaf collage on canvas,62x21 cm, 2013.SOLD.

Cushions with part of this painting printed on cloth are still available.White cloth (washable to 40d.), size 40x40 cm.

MUG with both tulips reproduced still available.


My internet shop is one year old. About 1.300 views.

Most popular paintings are:

There are currently about 30 paintings available, mostly framed and small in size.

New home decor items, such as mugs and cushions were added recently.

Thank you for visiting my shop and showing interest in my art.

A colour that save my painting

This oil color labeled ‘Hydrangea blue’  from HOLBEIN (that I bought in Japan years ago) saved my painting today:

I started to work on this big painting in 2005 while living in Slovenia….and continued to work on it for another five years before in 2010 declared : it is  done, no more! However,I always thought the colors lack impact…I did final glazing with this newly found color today and here is 

DALMATIAN COAST, 2010, oil and collage, 80x90 cm : 

'DALMATIAN COAST', 2010, 80x90 cm,  is available framed in gold.


Introducing my decorative items for home

My paintings and designs will soon be available on cushions and mugs.

Here is one example:

More to follow soon.

Flowers for Robert Genn

The Artist. Passed away on May 27, 2014.

By some miracle we are allowed on this path for a short while, and you can be sure when we are gone some like-minded ones will be there to take over.’

Also for Emily Carr and Dorothy.

Thank you,Robert.

Walking&sketching in Montenegro

Walking in conifer forest. Being in the land of 18 glaciers lakes,known as ‘mountain eyes’.Visiting the Tara canyon.Tara is the longest river in Montenegro;with 80 km long and 1,300 m deep, this canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world,right after the Colorado canyon.Came accross the book “I-The TARA” by Miroje Vukovic.Like the passage from the book:

"I, the Tara, river solely by the name and shape,decided to take a word, decided to come out of silence and step in the area of Speech.The day I did that was not different from other days, but the reasons were. I acted by the command of Time, the one that is immesurable and invisible; but it was a premonition like the unrevealed reasons are. Yet, we are all being defined in it,in one way or another, and it is my responsibility to respond to it, and I am doing so.Nevertheless, I am here to make a contribution to something, everything else is  a matter of principle"…

Here are my sketches done with Japanese brush pen and soft pencil:

Followed by some of my photographs of this wild, void and wonderful place:

'The blue gold'-Ultramarine

Ultramarine is currently my favourite color.This is the color that has appealed to one`s imagination since early Middle Ages.Originally Ultramarine was obtained from the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli, literally ‘stone’ (Latin) and ‘blue’ (Persian).Up to 1828 Ultramarine was available only in the natural variant. It is interesting to know, that the best Lapis Lazuli was traditionally mined in Afganistan, where Ultramarine was already being used in, for example, murals in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Johannes Vermeer made extensive use of Ultramarine in his paintings.

My latest use of Ultramarine is shown below, in THE WIND OF LEAVES, an oil collage,60x40cm. 

The 15th century artist Cennino Cennini wrote in his famous handbook for painters: “Ultramarine blue is a color illustrious, beautiful, the most perfect, beyond all other colors; one could not say anything about it, or do anything with it, that its quality would not still surpass.”